Your Audience Is Out There

Online everyone has a chance to be seen and heard. In a vast and ever-changing internet landscape, getting attention requires precision. As some marketers get louder and increase market saturation, we get smarter. Through research, we can understand your audience and deliver marketing they want to see.

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Search Engine Optimization - beyond the buzzword

If your business is discoverable online, then every internet user becomes a potential customer! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a simple term for a complex topic. There’s a set of rules determining how websites are ranked across search engines. Your content can feature on the front page with the help of marketing experts who know how to adjust content to reflect these rules. Consumers are out there asking for you every day in the search bar and SEO allows you to be the answer.

Our Approach

We use a data-based strategy to identify the keywords your audience is searching for and provide you a report on our research findings

Our marketing team will offer adjustments to your content and digital platforms to improve SEO

Conducting SEO audits allows us to see how your website ranks compared to competitors and other search results so we can continue making your website more and more relevant

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Paid Search

Your fast pass to customer attention

In combination with SEO, paid search effectively captures your audience when they are ready to buy. This tool promotes your website to users based on their search keywords and secures your spot on the front page for the customers you really want. More clicks, more sales, and more leads are available to you when you access this cost-efficient channel.

Our Approach

Our team stays on top of the trends so you don’t have to! We assess your business to understand the sales cycle and determine which keywords are worth your investment We provide the latest insights on Google and Microsoft search engines to improve the visibility of your content and marketing With a well-designed Paid Search strategy, you’re ensuring that your brand will be there at the right moment, in front of the right audience

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Social Media

Connect with your customers like never before

Unlike generations past, today’s consumers get to know businesses like friends. Mastering social media places your brand right amongst your customers’ family, friends, education, and fun. Engage with your active audience by crafting a social media conversation that shows them who you are and what you want to be.

Our Approach

We conduct an in-depth digital landscape analysis to understand your current marketing, industry, competitors, and audience. You will receive a report of the initial findings such as insights into consumer personas, cost per lead projections, and more

Luckily, a good social media strategy is scalable for businesses of any size and customers want to engage with you! By evaluating your business plan, we will recommend the most efficient and effective social media strategy for you

Our team boosts your social media performance to have a direct impact on brand recognition and performance

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Content Marketing

Find your brand’s voice and let it shine

Your online presence has to stand out to succeed and that means creating engaging content that customers want to see. Content marketing is a vehicle powered to transport your audience from lead to lifelong fan. By evoking emotion in your audience, your brand can amuse, inform, and inspire consumers like never before.

Our Approach

We provide in-house content creation for all your marketing needs including but not limited to copywriting, graphic design, and video animation. This custom content marketing supports a cohesive brand image and encourages audience trust!

Our expert marketers support your bottom line by building brand loyalty. Represent your brand to consumers with valuable content that supports their interests and creates a para-social experience

The right content can attract new customers while also increasing returns! We value your time and money by advising on the most efficient and effective strategy

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Data-driven decisions can be easy as pie

Everything that happens online can be tracked and stored to create incredible data. You just have to know how to do it! Adding data collection and analytics to your skill set enables your business to better understand it’s audience and how to reach them. From generating leads to promoting sales, web analytics tell us everything about how your business is performing online.

Our Approach

We provide consistent reporting and data analytics to make sure you always know how your digital platforms are performing Using web analytics, we maintain a good marketing strategy even as your audience and business change. Our professional review of your data shows consumer and market insights in depth!

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Email Marketing

Keep your audience engaged

As you know, building trust and brand recognition is the secret to return customers! So why not keep things simple for your audience by delivering the content they want directly to their inbox. From coupons to sales to product launches, your consumers want the latest news without having to search for it.

Our Approach

A masterful email marketing campaign will keep your brand top of mind for customers and allow them to keep in touch. Our marketing team will even integrate tracking into your emails so you can collect data on who clicks, converts, and keeps coming back We craft messaging so your emails are impactful and land directly in the hands of your desired customers. At every stage of the sales cycle, our email marketing delivers your messaging to boost sales and provide trackable results

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Automation works 24 hours a day so you don’t have to

Regardless of the size of your business, employees need to step away from the desk every now and then. With automation, your leads can get follow up emails immediately even if that is at 4am. Combining automation with SEO and email marketing, enables your business to expand the sales cycle beyond the 9-5 work day to include advanced data collection and long-term audience engagement.

Our Approach

Our team conducts a thorough review of your business practices in sales and marketing to understand where automation could save you time and as a result also save you money We provide suggestions customized to your business plan. These automation projects represent the most time-saving measures to boost productivity on your team! You can reduce time lost on delivery emails, sales follow up, and more by automating these processes! We’ll handle all the complicated steps to make that happen so you can just sit back and reap the benefits


AB Strategy is passionate about providing hands-on services and going the extra mile for our clients. Our team is driven to overcome challenges and generate creative solutions.

We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that you have all bases covered, leaving no stone unturned.